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Most people want to know who is Trapboy Freddy some might say he is a motivated talented young man who has a dream of becoming Dallas's next big star who will go to great lengths to make sure that all of his dreams come true and some might say he is a young entrepreneur who wants to be one of the few that makes it out of his city and put on for those who couldn't make it, but if you were to ask him who he were he would simply say that he is family oriented man with an ambitious hustle. But from a personal point of view Trapboy Freddy is a young artist from Dallas, Tx who grew up in a very populated area called Oakcliff he resided there with his mother, three sisters and brother. Growing up and seeing the struggles of life and wanting to be more freddy was drawn to the fast life he began to live a life that most teens would never dream of freddy became what most people would call a product of his environment, but took a turn for the good and now he's rocking shows all over .....

Trap Boy Freddy



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